FunFest Oct. 31 from 6-8pm

Instead of celebrating Halloween, we invite your child to have fun with us on Monday 10/31 from 6pm-8pm at CCIC 1st floor. The event will be conducted by our Youth Ministry. We’ll have snack, carnival games, prizes and lots of FUN! Children are welcome to invite their friends to join the fun.¬† This is a great opportunity for us to introduce our church to people around us. Don’t miss it!


  • We’re collecting toys (new or used but in excellent condition like new) and 9 Costco big candy bags for our prizes.
  • We also need food (cupcake, jello, brownies, chips) and refreshments (juice, soda)!

We appreciate your generous donations to support this event. Please drop your toys and candy bags in our FunFest barrels at 1st floor from this Sunday on and bring in food and refreshments around 5:30pm on Monday, 10/31.


  • No costume required. If your child wants to wear costume, please avoid costume that proclaims evil, black magic, and death. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

See you at our FunFest!